Boost Your Sales with A Hyperlocal Marketing Strategy

Have you heard of this new digital marketing buzzword: hyperlocal? Are you wondering what it is and how to use it for the benefit if your business? Then this article is for you. Hyperlocal marketing is a highly targeted form of marketing that strictly focuses efforts to reach your local, neighbourhood-based motivated buyers. It specifically targets the people in your area that are ready to buy your services. If you are still not sure about using hyperlocal marketing, let me give you a good reason why you should: Everyone is using it. It is on the rise. Google itself is a search engine that works on a hyperlocal basis. If people around your area are searching for your kind of product on Google, but your business does not pop up, they will more often than not head to the store they did see on Google.
Feeling motivated enough to start hyperlocal marketing? Here are some easy ways!
1.    Optimize Your Google My Business Page: Just like we discussed, customers are more likely to head to a business they have seen on Google. So, it is very important to keep your google page updated. Your rankings on the search results page will be based on how accurate is the category, the keywords added as well as the detailed information you have provided. Your business will rank better if your keywords are location based, eg. Plumbing services in Brooklyn, NY.
2.    Consistency in service: Consistency in terms of pricing and overall experience is comforting ad reassuring to customers. That us exactly why you should focus on creating and maintaining standards so that customers know exactly what to expect when they bring their business to you.
3.    Consistency in design: For your marketing strategies, create high quality materials as well as templates which you can distribute to all units and franchises, in case you are running a chain. That way the promotional material used remains the same standard and is easy for the customer to recognise and retain.
4.    Feedback: The whole point of hyperlocal, or any marketing strategy for that matter, is to speak directly to the target group. Hence in order to understand how exactly the ad is doing, the best way is to speak to customers directly about what they think and their likes and dislikes, and tailor your campaign accordingly. You can also get feedback from customer-facing employees about how they saw customers react to different promotional materials.
5.    Reviews: Reviews on the google page as well as social media platforms is the best way to know what exactly people are thinking about your business. The amount of new business a positive review could bring you is frankly astounding. So keep encouraging customers to write a review. You could even offer them incentives, like a certain number of points they can collect upon writing a review, which they can redeem against their next bill.
These are some easy ways you can use hyperlocal marketing to take your business to new heights. We hope you find these tips useful, and launch your very own successful hyperlocal campaign soon.

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