Cognizant bets M&A’s to build the digital business

Cognizant’s revenue grew over 14 percent on a year-on-year basis for the quarter of June. It represents around 42 percent of the total revenue of the firm. Cognizant Technology Solution Corporation is continuously betting mergers and acquisitions to build up the digital business.
In this article, we will learn more about the company’s revenue and acquisitions.
Acquisitions made by the company
A few months earlier the company acquired Code Zero, which is a provider of cloud-based solutions of billing. It also acquired Lev, which is the provider of digital marketing consultation. A month later it acquired Collaborative solutions. This is expected to provide HR and finance advisory to the company. In June, the company entered into an agreement to acquire New Signature. It is an independent Microsoft public cloud transformation specialist.
Revenue of the company
The digital bookings of Cognizant grew by 50 percent. Many believe that acquisitions are a great way to achieve growth in the digital business. The company’s digital revenue grew in the June quarter.
COVID-19 has increased the demand for digital business. The company has started making strategies to become 100 percent digital. It has already made five digital-based acquisitions this year. These all are related to cloud computing.
The company has started to build its own software platforms to push towards digitalization. According to the CEO of the company, digitalization has created a lot of opportunities for the organization.
Cognizant recognized that customers want to take advantage of digital transformation. The CEO is planning to be a major part of the clients’ digital transformations. Thus, it is clear that the company is ready to face all the changing trends in the future. Cognizant is actively responding with a shift towards a digital engineering strategy to meet the new requirements of customers.

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