Korea Covid Cases News LIVE Updates: North Korea declares COVID-19 a 'severe emergency' after reporting its first case of the virus - The Economic Times

North Korea on Thursday confirmed its first-ever case of Covid-19, with state media declaring it a "severe national emergency incident" after more than two years of purportedly keeping the pandemic at bay. The official KCNA news agency said samples taken from patients sick with fever in Pyongyang on Sunday were "consistent with" the virus' highly transmissible Omicron variant.The country's top officials, including leader Kim Jong Un, held a crisis politburo meeting to discuss the outbreak and announced they would implement a "maximum emergency" virus control system. KCNA said Kim told the meeting that "the goal was to eliminate the root within the shortest period of time.""He assured us that because of the people's high political awareness ... we will surely overcome the emergency and win the emergency quarantine project," it said.

via Economictimes

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