Russia-Ukraine Wat Updates LIVE: United Nations set for vote on replacing Russia on Human Rights Council, on May 11 - The Economic Times

The U.N. General Assembly will vote on May 11 on a country to replace Russia on the world organization's leading human rights body following its suspension over allegations of horrific rights violations by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Assembly spokeswoman Paulina Kubiak said Thursday that the Czech Republic was the only candidate for the seat on the 47-member Human Rights Council. Seats on the Geneva-based council are divided among regional groups and a replacement for Russia has to come from an East European country.After the General Assembly suspended Russia, its deputy ambassador Gennady Kuzmin told U.N. members that Russia withdrew from the Human Rights Council before the vote. Council spokesman Rolando Gomez said that by withdrawing, Russia avoided being deprived of observer status at the rights body.

via Economictimes

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