Boycott of Chinese Goods

We all know that the tensions between India and China are increasing day by day. This has also lead to stop the import of certain goods in India from China. This will lead to growth in the business of local retailers and manufacturing companies. The situation during the pandemic has given a chance to local companies to emerge.
The CIAT decision
The Confederation of All India Traders has recently decided to boycott all Chinese products. A list has been prepared for around 3000 items. The list includes toys, gifts, watches, clothes, and many more products. In the past 20 years, the import of goods from China has increased by 3500 per cent.
A shift from Chinese Diwali to Indian Diwali
The officials said that it will not be a Chinese Diwali anymore in India. All the lights and decoration products will be manufactured in India. None of the products will be stocked from China.
Growth of the Chinese Market in India
According to reports, in 2001 the import was of around 1 billion. But, in 2020 it has increased to 70 billion. This shows that China has almost taken over India’s whole retail market. Therefore, the Indian businessmen were not able to succeed in any way. There was an error from the end of the business community also that allowed China to become so big in India.
Due to tensions at the border with the Chinese troops, everyone wants to boycott Chinese products. Chinese products are of low cost but they do not offer good quality. People are now understanding that by buying Chinese products they are harming themselves.
Thus, India can become self-reliant by supporting and trusting its Indigenous resources and industries. The combined effort of every Indian will definitely benefit the Indian businessmen and retailers.

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