Samsung Launches New Range of UHD Business TVs

Televisions are common in every Indian household. Those which are used in private residents are consumer TVs and they differ from the commercial televisions which are applied in the corporate world. Among the other competitors creating business TVs, Samsung- one of India’s trusted electronic brand has recently launched its Ultra High Definition Commercial TVs which are set to elevate the visual-content experience and is a perfect fit for small and medium businesses.

About the product

This series of Business TVs were launched on the 24th of July, Friday with the price starting from Rs 75,000-Rs 1,75,000 assured with a 3-year long warranty. With a 3-step installation process, it can be managed through the Samsung Business TV app through Android or iOs devices and requires no extra-costing. 

This new range of Samsung Business TVs is available in varied sizes of 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, and 70-inch designed to function for more than 16 hours per day with automated on/off timer to match your business timings.

The televisions come with pre-installed free templates with over 100 variants all of which are customizable to personalize the content. The templates may vary from marketing layouts to advertisements displayed besides TV programs and other pre-defined formats to picture several occasions at once. It gives the user’s accessibility to remote-controlled operations through their smartphones.

"Our latest range of Business TVs will help businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, shopping complexes, salons redefine the experience for end consumers" added Puneet Sethi, Vice President, Consumer Electronics Enterprise Business, Samsung India.
As the marketing strategies soars up, Samsung is all set to meet the challenges.

“Inspire The World, Create The Future”- this slogan from Samsung defines a new future and justifies its aim to develop a new vision for the people.

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