Hinduja Brothers Fight For Family Fortune Worth $11 billion

The Hinduja brothers are now involved in a court battle because of a letter that was signed by them for the family fortune worth $11.2 billion. According to the document, the assets that are held by one brother belong to all the others and that each man will appoint the other as their executor. However, now the patriarch of the family, Srichand Hinduja who is 84 along with his daughter want the letter to be declared worthless.

A London judge on Tuesday delivered a ruling which said that the 3 brothers Gopichand, Prakash, and Ashok has tried to take the controlling power of Hinduja Bank in their hands by using the letter. This asset was in the cole name of Srichand. Srichand and Vinoo the court to rule that the letter will have no legal effect and that I cannot be used as a will. Srichand has insisted that the letter does not reflect his wishes and that the family assets should be divided said Vinoo.

In a statement, the 3 brothers said that the litigation goes against their founder’s and family values, this would not affect their business in any way. They further commented that the principles had stood strong for decades and are of the belief that everything belongs to everyone and nothing belongs to anyone. They intend to hold the defend the claims and uphold the dearly held family values. The family is amongst the richest in the world and have a major part of their fortune driven from the Hinduja Group which was established more than a century ago and their investments today span finance, media and healthcare in nearly 40 countries.

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