Second Tranche of Rs.20 Lakh Crore Package: Small Farmers, Migrant Workers, Street Vendors, and Affordable Housing

In a bid to revive the economy that took a blow due to the global pandemic, the Indian government had announced an Rs.20 lakh crore stimulus package. The second tranche of the campaign named the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ (Self-reliant India) aims at small farmers, migrant workers, street vendors, and affordable housing.

Here are the steps announced in the second tranche of the package

     Free food for the immigrants
Those immigrants that don’t have the NFSA or state cards, the govt. will provide 5kg of wheat or rice per person and one kg of channa per family per month for the next 2 months. This initiative will reach people through state governments. This will benefit 8 crore migrants and entail Rs.3,500 crore

     One Nation, One Ration Card
83% of all PDS beneficiaries or 67 crore beneficiaries across 23 states will get coverage by August 2020. This number will go up to 100% by March 2021. Beneficiaries can use the National Portability Ration Cards at any ration shop across the country

     Rental Accommodation
The Govt. will launch a housing scheme under the PM Awas Yojana. The Govt. will incentivize the manufacturing units to build affordable housing in their private compound.
This initiative will promote the use of empty government land to build more affordable housing for migrant workers on PPP mode through concessionaire basis

     MUDRA Shishu loan
50 lakh vendors will receive a special credit facility of Rs.5,000 crore that will be launched within a month. The vendors will receive Rs.10,000 worth of working capital 

     Street Vendor
50 lakh vendors will receive special credit facility of Rs.5,000 crore that will launch within a month. The vendors will receive Rs.10,000 worth of working capital  

     Affordable Housing
For middle-class income households, the credit link subsidy scheme will extend up to March 2021. The scheme originally expected end in March 2020 will now extend to March 2021. The initiative will lead to investments of Rs.70,000 crore in the housing sector that will help kickstart the steel and cement sectors that will create more jobs. 

     For tribals
Under the CAMPA funds, Center received Rs.6,000 crore worth of proposals. This is to generate employment for the tribals in forest management, wildlife protection, and management along with other forest-related activities

     For Small and Marginal Farmers
The govt. will release an additional capital of Rs.30,000 crore via NABARD for harvest post-Rabi and Kharif related activities for small and marginal farmers

In addition, Rs.2 lakh crore worth concessional credit to boost farming activities under the PM Kisan Credit Card will benefit the 2.5 crore farmers. This will include fishermen and animal husbandry workers

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