Being an entrepreneur comes with endless responsibilities. You have only 24 hours in a day but there are both your personal goals and your team’s aspirations you have to meet. Add to it your client’s expectations and networking needs, and you have got yourself an impossibly busy day, every single day of the year. Not every entrepreneur who has started out can afford a full-time assistant. If you are one of those busy professionals trying to juggle and remember everything with limited resources, there are some tools you need to have right away. These will help you fulfil all your goals, give you regular reminders and boost your productivity immensely.
Fitbit: In order to meet all your targets and stay in your most productive form, you need to be healthy and get enough rest. Fitbit helps you achieve both. This fitness tracker will remind you of the calories burnt and steps taken throughout the day, so you can look out for your physical activity levels. It even monitors your sleep quality, which you need to know in order to get much-needed quality rest. With Fitbit, you can stay healthy, well-rested and in good shape even in the midst of your hustle.
StayFocusd: One of the biggest problems most entrepreneurs face is losing focus while trying to focus on too many things at a time. This leads to a huge loss of productivity and more time taken for every single task, which can eat well into your leisure time. To combat this, StayFocusd, an extension of Google Chrome, keeps you from spending time on unproductive websites. This is highly customisable as per your needs.
OffTime: There is not a single entrepreneur who is not hard-pressed for time. While we agree that you should give your project your all, it is equally important to spend time with friends and family or even just relaxing in order to maintain the mental balance. This app helps you manage the time you spend online by cutting out your access to distracting apps and sites so that you can focus with peace and get more time for things that really matter.
Calendly: As an entrepreneur, networking and meetings are an indispensable part of the game. We all know how tedious it can get to schedule a meeting with someone and keep track of it amidst a bunch of other meetings. Calendly is here to help you out with your scheduling hassles. You can connect to everyone and schedule meetings very easily with the help of this app.
As an entrepreneur, the goal is to boost productivity and get done more work in less time. These apps will help you do just that, you can find time to relax and live a better life.

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