Game-Changing Apps For Bankers

For all entrepreneurs, the struggle for getting banking procedures done is real. For everything from checking accounts to getting loans, entrepreneurs end up incurring significant hassles and wasting a lot of time on banking procedures.
On the other side of the coin, banks need small businesses just as much, to keep taking loans and fuelling the economy. So, it is very important to break the operational deadlock through innovative measures. To this end, the fin-tech industry has come up with some innovative solutions like banking apps which lets entrepreneurs do they banking chores whenever they want, without wasting time in queues.

Chime: This mobile app rolls with the slogan “banking like it should be,” and true to this, is aimed at making banking a much more convenient process. It boasts of one of the fastest growing bank accounts in the US and provides a spending account, a Chime Visa debit card, and a savings account to all clients. This app provides an automatic saving feature which is a boon for all those who are not good at keeping apart savings. It automatically keeps apart 10 percent of your deposit by rounding up purchases and shifting the difference to savings. This app is very secure with 128-bit AES encryption and secure processes.

Wave: This software is free for all entrepreneurs with nine or less employees. With this strategy, this app aims at providing solutions exclusively for small business clients. It is easy to use and multifunctional. It helps you track expenses and sales, manage invoices, accept payments and track accounts receivable, issue payroll, scan receipts, and create accounting reports, and thus works like your own personal accountant. Users can attach their bank accounts and credit cards to the app dashboard and customise its functions as per their preferences and their bank’s operations. This flexibility in its platform and a customisable interface is what makes this app a favourite with everyone.

Spending Tracker: For all newbie entrepreneurs trying to get a hold of their budget, this app is the perfect choice for you. This is free to download, and keeps track of where your money is going in a certain timespan so that you can plan more efficiently. You can even attach your bank account for a more thorough view of your finances. You can set monthly budget targets on the app and track your progress at the end.

With so many apps at the disposal, banking is all set to be a breeze!

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