You need to know this if you are an aspiring entrepreneur

Come graduation, many of you are probably thinking about the next step in your career. While getting a job is the safest plan, I bet there ae quite a few who want to go off the beaten path and start out on their own. For the new generation of professionals who are just starting out, there are a few things that are an absolute must -know. We are not talking about skills and certifications here. At the very onset of your career, you must have the right mindset. Which is why we are about to share with you all the things we wish someone told us when we started out:

Invest in planning: Unless you are confident with good reason that your startup idea is the next Facebook, it is better to not Take the leap right away. It is more prudent to gather some experience and spend at least four to five years planning out every single detail before taking the leap. In these years you would have also learnt what are the ups and downs of running a company.

It is okay to feel lost: If you are clueless about what to do after graduation, it is okay. There are many people in the same boat and there were many before you who started out like this but ended up fine. It is okay to experiment with work until you really find your path. You will learn from every experience and ultimately be a better version of yourself.

Look inwards: In order to find what really excites you and what kind of venture you will be great at running; it is very important to understand yourself first. You need to know what you enjoy doing, what kind of people you get along the best with and what kind of working environment you thrive in; so that you can create a setup where you are at maximum efficiency. Por this, a great start is to work in as many summer internships as possible.

Maintain self-motivation: When you start out, you will probably meet a lot of people who would tend to underestimate you easily This may be because of your age, lack of experience, gender, race or anything else. Instead of getting negative about it, you need to use it as a challenge to prove your worth. You can totally surprise them and use that to your advantage.

For all young entrepreneurs trying to find their way out in life, it is very important to stay in tune with your heart about what feels right; and to invest in building real human relationships instead of merely “networking”. If you can be your real self and do what ignites your passion, you are sure to be successful.

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