Successful Startup Stories to Get You Inspired

For most millennials, launching their own startup is the ultimate dream. This sentiment has prevailed for quite some years now and has changed the landscape of the economy. There are startups in almost every sector, revolutionising the way business is done with their innovative products and solutions and a customer connect like never before. However, it does take more than an ingenious idea to run a successful startup. It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and even luck with respect to market conditions and funding. As such, many startups are not able to take the heat for long and cannot survive in the market. So the ones that actually thrive, become a source of inspiration for the rest. Here are some such examples.
1. Handshake: Invented by three Michigan Tech students, the goal of this startup is simple: to eradicate the problems faced by fresh graduates in finding jobs. It has made a social network where potential employers can find students to hire who have talents that match their requirements. In 2018, Handshake was a huge success with more than 500 university career centres, 9+ million students are registered, and 250,000+ employers being part of the network.
2. Zapier: Already flying high with $1.3 million in funding, this startup launched by students is in essence a universal online constructor of automation. Its idea is very simple- connect different web apps with each other so that they can work faster and smoother. It has already shown great potential and even the revenues are steadily increasing.
3. Daily Harvest: This startup seeks the solve the daily hassles of every woman- trying to balance healthy eating with a bus lifestyle and kids. It was created by Rachel Drori, who was faced with the same exact challenges, hence you can expect the audience connect to be high with this one. It is a catering service which provides delicious and healthy smoothies, parfaits, sundaes, and soups right at your doorstep. You can eat these in minutes without stressing yourself out about your health, and even save up some time from grocery shopping.
4. SoaPen: This is a truly unique and fun idea developed by three Parsons School of Design students, which seeks to educate kids about hygiene and prevent them from getting infectious diseases in the process. The idea struck these students when the alarming number of child deaths due to infectious diseases surfaced. The company came up with a more fun alternative for washing hands with soap, which was sure to grab children’s attention and get the message in. Their product is a pen, using which kids can draw right on their hands, then they just wash it with water and get the same result as with a usual soap but in a more fun and creative way.
5. Codemoji: The last startup on our list is also geared towards children- it is an app developed by Nothwestern university students that teaches coding to kids from first grade to eighth grade. They have developed a simpler and more fun way with emojis, for kids to understand and truly love coding, and thus increase the number of children who would be genuinely interested in coding for the joy of it.
These were some of our favourite startup success stories, that go on to show that with the right amount of patience and perseverance, anybody can be a successful entrepreneur.

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