Read your way to better business skills


      They say the only way to keep growing is to keep reading. This explains why the Zuckerbergs and Musks of the world encourage budding entrepreneur to keep reading. After all, it does take a lot of knowledge and dynamic skills to start and successfully manage an entire concern, with the livelihood of multiple people depending on it. There are even videos of Bill Gates on YouTube recommending books you must read. In this list, we have brought to you a few books you must read, especially if you intend to chase your entrepreneurial goals!
·         Good to Great, by Jim Collins: This book is an account of the personal study of Jim Collins and his research team, who are seeking answers to the questions that every entrepreneur has in mind: What happens that lets one company survive whole the other fails? How can you build company ethos for a sustainable business? These questions among others that relate to success and failure, is what Jim Collins seeks to answer in this book which has been penned after a research spanning over 5 years and 28 companies.
·         7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey: This is a cult entrepreneurial book, with a massive global readership. With over 25 million copies sold in 40 languages, you know this book made its mark. Stephen R. Covey outlines a habit-based approach for finding out your true calling and sticking to your internal compass, to take your business to great heights.
·         The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss: The name itself is an indicator of what this book is about: to be less exhausted and more productive. Naturally, it was a huge hit and stayed more than four years on the New York Times’ Best Sellers list. It guides all overwhelmed and exhausted people chasing their entrepreneurial dreams to cut back their workload by at least half and use that time to enjoy the life they built. 
·         The Essays of Warren Buffett, by Warren Buffett: We cannot have a list of entrepreneurial books, or for that matter anything about entrepreneurs, and not mention Warren Buffet. He is the epitome of the modern entrepreneurial dream. In this book, he talks about his opinion on everything from basic business principles to aligning your interests with those of your investors
·         The Four Steps to the Epiphany, by Steve Blank: One of the classic favourites of entrepreneurs all around the world, this book lays out a series of practical exercises to make sure you’re all tuned in about what are the right kind of assumptions to make regarding your business, so you do not end up making mistakes that cost you everything. Industry leaders praise the book as an excellent framework to help entrepreneurs build the right kind of product and take it to the right market.
·         These were some of our go-to books to rekindle our entrepreneurial spirit. Give these a read and we are sure you will love these just as much as we do!

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