Business Ideas That Will Bring Out the Entrepreneur in Your Teen

We are living in a time where self-employment is the hottest trend. Most millennials are turning towards entrepreneurship and with good reason. Entrepreneurship means early financial independence as well as development of some key soft skills such as networking and crisis management. Every entrepreneur is marked by his self-discipline and dedication. These are great attributes to develop in an individual. From the economy’s point of view, the increasing interest in entrepreneurship has meant more business as well as innovation and creativity. No wonder new-age entrepreneurs start out as early as in their late teens or early twenties. In fact, engaging in a business is a great way for teens to stay focused and utilise their time constructively. Here are some great home business ideas for budding entrepreneurs in their teens:
Local Services: Some traditional business ides that any teen can start out with, given his little skills and experience, are providing his services in the community. All he needs to do is pick a job that matches his talents and interests, and devote a few hours of his free time to it. Services like yard cleaning, babysitting, dog-walking and helping with household chores such as cooking and cleaning, require very little to no professional experience, and is a great way to earn some extra cash.
Crafts and personalised goods: Teens who have the gift of creativity can use it to run their own business. With the help of sites like Etsy and Teespring, they can create their crafts, cushion covers tees and mugs and even sell it on line without the need to create an inventory and having to carry it all the way to the local market.
Digital Services: Technology-savvy teens can use their skills constructively to provide digital services to small companies. Some of these services are graphic designing, web designing and audio and video editing. This is a win-win for both: startups who usually operate on low cost prefer to hire young talent as compared to experienced personnel, and even the teen can get great exposure of working in a professional environment.
Services through apps: Growing up in a digital era has made almost every teen qualified to function on the internet. They can look for services to provide on apps like tutoring, homework and project help, gaming etc. It is even possible to set up apps and earn money through them. While most teens are self-taught, there are even colleges that provide short-term courses in app development.
These are some great business ideas that teenagers can consider in their free time after school. If the business takes off, they can even carry it with them to college, thanks to the internet, and keep the cash and creativity flowing!

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