Big Advertising Ideas for Your Small Business

If your dream venture has started out on a small scale, don’t stress yourself about huge advertising expenses. Advertising need not necessarily mean spending huge amounts of money on mainstream media such as billboards, radio ads, TV commercials and snail-mail flyers. The goal of advertising is to get your business noticed by the people who would actually be interested, and with the help of social media and technology, you can accomplish exactly that. In addition to low costs, advertising on social media has other advantages for newcomers like more customisation options and more control in your hands as opposed to giving up creative control, to an ad agency. Wondering how to make the most of these advertising strategies? Read on to find out.
User-Generated Content: Be sure to engage with your customers on a personal level and get their feedback after the sale. This way you can build a relationship with them. Leverage this relationship if they post a picture with your product on social media. With their permission, you can use it as testimonial. This creates more credibility in the mind of potential customers.
Engage with your audience: Monitor the social media handles of your business. Keep searching your business online. This way you will be aware of the questions your customers are asking. One way to address them is to answer them directly. You could even switch things up a bit by collecting the most-asked questions and create simple, branded graphics to answer them. Share it on all your social media.
Videos: Making videos about a skill, or a behind-the-scenes look into how your products are made or even a demo, is a great vide to grab attention of the consumers. It is a known fact that visual aids like images and videos get more attention and are easier to remember than text content. A great example of using videos to enhance sales is Lush. Their “How it is made” video series shows the process of manufacturing their organic and handmade skin and haircare products. When customers see all the fresh ingredients being used, they are tempted to purchase those products.
Contests: These are a sureshot success strategy in social media advertising. You can ask people to follow you on social media and answer a simple question for example, what is their favourite product from your brand and why. Then you can select one winner and give him/her a gift hamper. This will gain your page a lot of followers, as well as the contest answers will create a good impression in the mind of anyone scrolling through your page.
Now that you know how to advertise your business even on a shoestring budget, you can go through the list and draw up your very own marketing strategy to do some great business!

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