Top Altcoins to Invest in This Year

Eyeing that car since long? Or are you planning on finally booking the dream home that you have wanted to since many months now, but always fell short of a few thousand dollars? This is probably the time you are considering investing in unorthodox options for quicker and greater gains. Enter the game-changer of the investment scenario- cryptocurrency. You have heard your friends talking about it, it is all over your newsfeed thanks to its rapidly increasing net worth, and maybe you have even done a basic reading of how it works. Now that you have finally decided to take the plunge, how do you actually choose from the plethora of options out there? While Bitcoin does seem to be the buzzword, there are other Altcoin options, which function just like Bitcoin but bring in greater profits. Does this all sound too complicated? Worry not, because we have put together a list of the best options you can consider in 2019!
1.       Binance Coin (BNB): Also touted as “lucky” by the experts of the trading world, this cryptocurrency is here to stay, if its past performance is anything to go by. Within a few years, its value has steadily increased from a humble dollar a unit to $6.54. This performance and reliability are what has made Binance easily one of the most well-known currencies out there, which only adds to its stability in the market in the near future.
2.       Ripple: Originally designed to process blockchain transactions between banks and other large financial institutions, this cryptocurrency has made quite its mark in the financial market even though it was not designed to be used by individual traders. Why, you may ask? The answer lies in the fact that with the help of Ripple, transaction costs between banks have been reduced to half of what they used to be, and at double the speed. Currently valued at $0.29, it is expected to hit the $1 mark very soon, and thus serves as a safe option for you to invest in.
3.       Litecoin: One of the main rivals of Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency alternative has reached an astonishing $1.45 billion capitalization. The speed of its functioning is a swift 2.5 minutes against Bitcoin’s 10 minutes, which makes it highly popular among traders. Its high speed along with its rapidly growing net worth took it ahead in leaps and bounds, even though it was started a good couple of years after Bitcoin.
4.       Tron [TRX]: At its core, TRON works like Google Play Store. It is a platform for uploading and downloading media but is decentralized, meaning there are no third parties like Google involved. Fast and secure transactions are the main goal of TRON. This project is getting a lot of backing from China and already has its own incubation center. It also runs its own charity organisation for ALS. All these factors combined have led the market value to steadily increase since December 2018, thus making it one of the best bets for your money.
5.       Stellar [XLM]: This blockchain processes transactions at ninja-like speed, and we are not joking about this one. It completes thousands of transactions in as less as 5 seconds, and they are cheap as well. This speed and economy is what earns this Altcoin a place in our list. It can be scaled up to include vast amounts of data, which make it a huge hit with banks and other financial institutions. Another huge advantage is that on this platform, participants can use crypto money as well as fiat money (your average pounds and dollars). This versatility makes this Altcoin absolutely irreplaceable in the market. Rest assured, it is here to stay for many more years and can definitely help you make the quick bit of cash you are looking for.
These were some of our hot favorite investment options at the moment. Their remarkable performance in the market over the past few years can assure great returns on your money, in a reasonably safe manner. So choose the most suitable one for you, and watch the cash flow in!

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